Nadine & Rudi Cleymans

This whole project is all about experiences. The beauty of the architecture, the spaciousness, the living outside, the joie de vivre… We must admit: we are mesmerized. But this wasn’t the case when we first arrived…

We hear and read a lot of stories of love at first sight with certain places, but for us it was a bit different. We had visited São Vicente during a cruise trip in 2019 and we were not at all “in love”. We thought then that we would never go back.

But the enthusiasm of the São Pedro Team and especially the setup of this resort, convinced us to go back on a FeelTrip: we started to see the island and in a completely different way. The people, the atmosphere, the class of the project on a whole made us turn our tables completely. We are so convinced that this will be a heaven on earth.

Sao Pedro Bay story