São Vicente, Cabo Verde

Located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean between the east coast of Latin America and the western coast of Africa, you find  the volcanic archipelago of 10 larger islands, each one different from the other and with an all year long summer.


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Sao Pedro Bay beachlife
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Meet the locals

Carlos Ferreira Santos

Our eyes and ears on the island

With my engineering background, my good connections and thanks to my profound knowledge of the legislation concerning Foreign Investment and Trade, I’ve proved to be a suitable local partner for the São Pedro Bay team.
This project is totally my cup of tea and I am very happy to be part of it. But all work and no play makes Carlos a dull boy, so I enjoy some bodyboarding at the beach or sometimes just enjoy some silence in a remote and desolate bay of the island. My favorite restaurant must be Santo Andre in São Pedro.

Elsa Oliveira

returned to her roots

Maybe you could best describe me as the local fixer of the project: with both Cape Verdian and Dutch roots, I also help organizing the FeelTrips, picking up guests from the airport and showing them around. It’s important that people get to know the spirit of the island on their short stay here: I love to show them the authenticity of the people, the highlights of the island, the best restaurants and bars, the wonderful views.