Frank & Eileen Damman-Mertens

Frank and Eileen are the visionaries and architects of this project. About 15 years ago a holiday in São Vicente changed their course of life forever. Finally, the dream they once cherished, is now becoming reality. Their souls and passion are clearly tangible in everything. A search for pureness both in material and design results in a balanced unity between nature and development.

For them, the island of São Vicente is a place where everything comes together and things ‘just feel right’. It offers the comfort of coming home. São Pedro Bay is a hidden beach-gem with rough cliffs and a white beach touched by the azure blue ocean. This place with its raw nature offers authentic luxury just by being as it is.

This a sportive team, so you may find Eileen and Frank kitesurfing or running, biking, snorkeling, playing on the beach with their kids or enjoying family lunches and parties. The lowkey beach club of Elvis on Salamansa beach is on top of their list as it has a virgin feel to it and amazing views. Don’t forget to order a French pancake with Nutella!

Sao Pedro Bay story